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Most of our clients come to us when they’ve reached their limit. When they’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to tackle their taxes. They are annoyed with constantly chasing their accountant down to get a response to a simple email. And they are fed up with paying too much in taxes—but don’t know enough about how it works to see if there’s a way to save money.

Our Business Intensive service is perfect for you if:

• You’re a brand new business owner who is a little lost when it comes to getting started – you want to do things properly ESPECIALLY when it comes to the tax and finance side of things.

• You’re a successful business owner who is looking to start another business (and want to make sure you’re doing everything right from the word “GO” this time).

• You’re tired of feeling completely in the dark when it comes to your business finances, taxes and other related responsibilities. You want a chance to talk one-on-one with an expert and get all your questions answered so you can get back to focusing on doing what you do best.

During your 60-minute business intensive call, we can discuss all things business finances, taxes, and structuring – come with your questions and you’ll leave with our answers!

Topics we can cover:

  • How to start up of a new business

  • Structure your company for growth and success

  • Build a team that can help you scale

  • Set up your business banking and organizing

    the bookkeeping

  • What you can write off to maximize your deductions

  • Important filing deadlines you need to be aware of so you stay compliant

  • Plus any other question regarding your finances and taxes


60-minute 1:1 Google Meet call with one of our tax team members

1 month of follow-up questions

A recap of your meeting notes


Business Intensives start at $888

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