Your Tax Coach ™ Tax Preparation—where you be at ease knowing a tax expert has taken the time to analyze your numbers, lower your tax bill, and make sure you're compliant with the IRS.

How we're different from other accountants


We don’t charge by the minute or on a per form, per entry basis. Our Tax Preparation service is a flat rate that covers applying your deductions in the most tax advantageous way.


We do more than just prep your tax return. Our Tax Preparation service includes applying all qualifying credits, estimated quarterly tax vouchers, and updates throughout the year.


Our Tax Preparation service goes beyond the surface. We take the time to get to know you and your unique business story. We know in order to maximize your tax benefits, we have to understand your journey and goals– not just your financial statements.

"Guys! You have given us all the happy tears. We said No to a lot of things and dreams when we got our tax bill for last year. We put things on hold. We just received word from your team that with amending our taxes, we are getting over 25K back.. and saving us up near 40K that we were quoted for this year…. Thank you doesn’t cover it! Game-changing for us. Life changing for us. Thankful for every one of you!"

– Amanda H.–

Martial Arts Academy Owner

Here's How It Works


After you sign your agreement and pay your invoice, we'll gather all of your information and documents so we can get an overview of your business finances and see how we can best help. You'll then have a dedicated tax expert go over the documents, discuss your specific situation, and make sure we have all the information we need to prepare.


We’ll prep your return. We’ll make sure your deductions are being maximized so we can save you as much as possible. Once prepared, we’ll send you a video going over your return, as well as your signature documents.


Once signed, we’ll e-file the return for you so you can finally focus on killing it in your business and enjoying life without any tax season stress.


Tax Preparation starts at:

$1,850 for Single Member LLC/Sole Proprietorship & Personal Return

$3,850 for S-Corporation, Partnerships, C-Corporation & Personal Return

These fees cover one state and one federal return.

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